What is Linoleum Flooring? Features of this type of flooring

What is linoleum flooring

What is linoleum flooring? Origin of linoleum material

Currently, there are many popular floors covering materials, including Linoleum. Here, we will learn about What is linoleum flooring and its typical applications.

Linoleum is the name of a term originally used to refer to a flooring material of all-natural origin (up to 98%). This product is made from linseed oil, turpentine, and other organic materials. This is a flooring material used for a long time and widely around the world because of its high durability, good water resistance, and economy.

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Linoleum flooring was invented by Frederick Walton, a British citizen. In 1855, during a fortuitous experiment, Walton accidentally noticed that a rubbery, pliable layer of solidified linseed oil had formed on a can of oil paint. He thinks this material can be used to replace natural rubber.

Crude flaxseed oil oxidizes very slowly, but Walton hastened the process by heating it with several other additives. This causes the oil to form a resinous mass that, when combined with cotton cloth, forms a thick coating. This coating is then scraped off and boiled with benzene or similar solvents to form a glossy finish. This is the premise for the later mass-produced Linoleum flooring material.

At first, Walton called his invention Kampticon, but he later changed it to Linoleum. The word is derived from the Latin words linum (flax) and oleum (oil). In 1864 he founded the flooring company Linoleum, with a factory in Staines, near London. The new product was unpopular at the beginning. As a result, the company operated at a loss for the first five years, until Walton began aggressive advertising campaigns and opened two stores in London to exclusively sell the flooring.

By 1869, Walton’s factory in Staines, England was exporting to Europe and the United States. Walton opened the first Linoleum manufacturing company in the United States in 1872 on Staten Island. There, he partnered with Joseph Wild, a local manufacturer, to start producing and distributing the product. It was also one of the first US producers of Linoleum.

Linoleum floors for offices
Linoleum floors are used for locker room areas in the company

Characteristic properties and applications

Linoleum flooring has many positive properties, making it a versatile flooring material. First, it is a very environmentally friendly material because it is made entirely of organic materials. Therefore, it is recyclable up to 100%. In addition, it is also a very durable material, easy to clean, with good elasticity, colorfastness, water, grease, and oil resistance. In addition, because it is made of natural origin, it also creates a surface that is soft, comfortable, warm, and user-friendly.

This type of floor is very friendly to the environment that needs high natural and antibacterial properties, so it is widely used in buildings such as hospitals, kindergartens, clean rooms, and households.

sàn linoleum cho khu vực văn phòng của các công ty
Linoleum floor for office area

Linoleum flooring in the construction industry today

It is a fact that today, Linoleum has largely been replaced by modern materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This is an inorganic material derived from petroleum. PVC has the same flexibility and strength as Linoleum, but has a higher luminosity and translucency, and is relatively less flammable. The flame retardant properties of PVC are due to the fact that combustion products contain a number of chemical additives such as anti-flame, anti-fire spread…

However, with very unique properties such as organicity, environmental friendliness, and natural antibacterial. Linoleum organic flooring still has a huge market share in the modern construction industry.

sàn linoleum trong các công trình cổ
Linoleum floors in ancient buildings have a lifespan of hundreds of years

Information about Linoleum flooring suppliers in Vietnam

From February 2021, Minh Duc is proud to be the official supplier and distributor of the Linoleum DWL product line of Gerflor, France. Linoleum DWL is a product manufactured by the DWL factory located in Germany. This is a Linoleum brand that has been around since 1882. Today, the DWL company has been acquired by Gerfloor and develops new features that characterize these products.

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