Our Product Warranty

We provide a product warranty from 12-24 months depending on the type of product. Specific information about the warranty period is listed on the website or in the order under each contract.

Please provide detailed information about the product and the current fault of the product (with pictures of product errors attached, home address, contact phone number) via Hotline/ Zalo: +84 908 314 939. We will contact you to confirm your warranty claim within 2 working hours after receiving the requested information.

Warranty and product maintenance

In case there is a problem with the product, you should not repair it yourself but report it to us immediately. Immediately after, based on the degree of damage or defect of the product. Our technical department will notify the time for the customer to repair or replace the new product.

Other conditions

  • Products under warranty must be within the warranty period
  • The product must have an invoice or contract with Minh Duc
  • Free warranty for any technical problems caused by production and installation
  • No warranty in all cases where customers affect the product (arbitrarily repair, install, relocate)
  • For damages such as Fracture, deformation, fire or water damage, and other cases not covered by the warranty. We will support the repair but the buyer must pay the costs incurred.
  • Out of warranty period, all products have lifetime maintenance. We will support customers at the most reasonable cost.

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