Minh Duc furniture company introduction

Minh Duc furniture or a full name is Minh Duc Public Furniture Company Limited. Previously, we were the exclusive representative of the northern region for Kotobuki Seating Corporation, the big public seating furniture in Japan.

From May 2021, Minh Duc is also the exclusive representative for Shaw carpet, the largest American carpet company in the world. In addition, we also distribute office furniture from Markant, the Dutch company, and premium sofas of B+ Furniture, a famous Vietnamese brand. Specifically, the products we supply and distribute are as follows.

  • Premium American carpet for office and residential projects: Shaw Contract
  • Japanese public seating furniture: Kotobuki Sea belongs to Kotobuki Seating Corporation
  • Dutch office furniture: Markant
  • Sofa for office and home in Vietnam: B+ furniture

Strengths of Minh Duc Furniture

The biggest strength of Minh Duc Furniture Company is enthusiasm, sincerity and high responsibility. In addition, we have a combination of leadership with many years of experience and a young, dynamic, and enthusiastic staff. In addition, we have the flexibility and respond very quickly to customer requests.

Our Workflow

Minh Duc has a professional process in every project. Starting from receiving information, meeting face to face to find out the requirements. Then there will be the steps of measuring, consulting, designing, quoting, and making samples for you.

If we receive the order, during the construction of the project, even before our installation process. We will still send engineers to the site to measure and check regularly. This condition will prevent possible deviations during basic construction. And also to adjust the production time to suit the construction schedule.

Products after installation will have a clear warranty and after-sales service. We always want to get the highest satisfaction from our customers. Because we understand that the customer is the survival of the business.

Contact Minh Duc

Coming to our company, customers will be completely satisfied with the quality, price, and services. We will be happy to receive any inquiry from you.

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